About The Book

It was time for Wink Dameron Blair, Arizona publicist, to finally take care of another “bucket list” item, by producing her new book, “Conversations with my Grandfather,” based on the life of her grandfather, Judge Louis Bingaman Claiborne.

Using her long- preserved notes, she created a memoir containing many of her grandfather’s true-life stories that had occurred during some of the most interesting years of American history.

Her book contains word for word excerpts from her grandfather’s heated pre-war speeches, his vivid descriptions of life as a young military cadet in Washington, D.C., followed by his 4 years of service as an artilleryman in the Confederate Army.

Being the descendant of William Charles Cole Claiborne (appointed by Thomas Jefferson to be the first Governor of Louisiana), this memoir includes tales of her grandfather’s frequent visits to the White House as guest of the President of the United States during many state dinners honoring prominent international dignitaries.

The book also covers information about the Claiborne family’s original English ancestry, circa 1216; follows its migration to America in the 1600’s, and provides stories of the 12 American generations that followed. Among some of the contemporary Claiborne descendants are:

Hon. Lindy Boggs, long time member of Congress, later appointed by President Clinton to be the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See in Vatican City. Boggs is the mother of popular radio and TV news analyst Cokie Boggs Roberts, author of several best selling books, who also writes a nationally syndicated column concerning public policy issues with her husband Steve Roberts.